RENTECH designs, manufactures and with its services group repairs large industrial boilers in a variety of industries. Because of our custom designs and engineering, cost-saving shop assembly, and skilled employees, American boiler manufacturer RENTECH has been selected to build and service many boiler types for clients across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Korea, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Algeria, Russia, England and the Middle East.


Refining and Petro-Chemical

RENTECH is a boiler company that provides a range of efficient boiler systems and environmental products commonly found in crude oil and natural gas refineries and petro-chemical plants.


Water Tube Boilers

  • Fluidized catalytic cracking units (FCCU)
  • Various process steam boiler requirements
  • Chemical plant incineration systems
  • Waste incineration systems

Fire Tube Boilers

  • Waste heat recovery system for thermal oxidizer
  • Sulfuric acid, sulfur condenser, sulfur reclaimer, sulfur recovery
  • Hydrogen production and hydrogen reformers

SCR Systems for NOx and CO Control Applications

  • Process heaters
  • Crude distillation units
  • Hydrogen reformers
  • Fired packaged boilers
  • Ethylene furnaces



Power Generation and Power Plants

RENTECH offers high-efficiency boilers and other environmental products used in power plants and power generation applications.


Water Tube Steam Generator Systems

  • Custom designed boiler systems built to your specifications
  • Saturated or superheated steam boiler applications
  • Auxiliary boilers for critical backup
  • System designs for quick startup and high cycling
  • Boilers for turbine warm-up systems
  • 1-40MW gas turbine HRSGs for electrical power generation
  • Environmental solutions including SCR systems for NOx and CO reduction



Industrial Boilers

RENTECH is a leader among boiler companies for industrial boilers and other environmental products used in diverse industrial applications. Our rugged products are built especially for and installed in pulp and paper plants, ethanol production facilities, universities, food processing plants, and a wide variety of manufacturing plants.


Water Tube Steam Generator Systems

  • Boilers designed for reduced fan horsepower, high efficiency and low emissions
  • D type, A type, O-type membrane wall designs to meet your plant requirements
  • Saturated or superheated steam generator systems
  • Boiler systems shipped as packages, partially assembled or units for field erection
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
  • Designs for gas turbines 1-40MW
  • Industrial cogeneration and CHP
  • Waste heat recovery applications
  • Environmental solutions including SCR systems for NOx and CO reduction



Boiler MACT Standards

Tomorrow’s Solutions to Today’s Challenges

RENTECH Boiler Systems supplies solutions to the challenges you face for compliance with emissions standards for ICI boiler MACT in the Clean Air Act as administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s a complex issue, but you can be assured that RENTECH is eager and equipped to help you with compliance. Our innovative, cost-effective technology will add value to your day-to-day operations and lasting benefits to the stability and sustainable competiveness of your business and to public health and the environment.

  1. Innovation is a RENTECH tradition.
    At our state-of-the-art plants, our engineers and technicians meet the needs of operators across the U.S. with custom-designed, custom-built HRSGs, waste heat boilers, fired packaged water tube boilers, and other specialty boilers and auxiliary boilers. You can depend on RENTECH for reliable, efficient, clean performance of its boilers because of their quality and application to each unique footprint. There is no inventory at RENTECH from which to select your boiler. We build each boiler to meet the specific conditions in which it will operate and to satisfy your requirements, our own strict quality-control standards, and the latest federal regulations.
  2. There’s never been a better time.
    Acting now to comply with boiler MACT standards is a wise decision. Installation of the newest generation of efficient boilers and related equipment from American boiler manufacturer RENTECH allows operators to meet the challenges of fuel flexibility and price volatility while at the same time strengthening the long-term financial health for companies from a variety of industries, including refining, petro-chemical, and power generation.
  3. It isn’t all or nothing.
    We will partner with you for a realistic, common-sense approach to achieve your goals for boiler efficiency. You have a variety of options from which to choose to reach compliance with EPA regulations intended to reduce emissions of air pollutants by boilers. These options include simple boiler tuneups, system upgrades and boiler replacement. RENTECH engineers and technicians will help you:

    1. analyze your situation and define the problem,
    2. identify and create a cost-effective, integrated solution, and
    3. implement the design, construction and installation of your new boiler.

Don’t delay another day addressing compliance with MACT standards from EPA.  Call or email RENTECH today to learn how we can help you.

RENTECH Boiler Systems, a recognized leader in the boiler manufacturing industry, has been building boilers for people who know and care since 1996.

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