June 2013

RENTECH Boilers’ Radiant Furnace:

Radiant Furnace

Customers of RENTECH Boilers are benefitting from the company’s new manufacturing facilities in Abilene, Texas. RENTECH’s purchase of land and buildings from a Dallas-based manufacturing company increased shop space in Abilene by 70 percent and enabled RENTECH to enhance the construction of our industry-leading boilers. This panel welding and bending machine in our new facilities allows RENTECH to build a better furnace with less welding and lower production cost. RENTECH specializes in boilers with a headered membrane waterwall design that eliminates refractory walls and seals and produces for our clients boilers that cannot fail because of overheating.

The furnace section of the proposed boilers is comprised of 100% membrane wall design and is constructed of 2.0”OD tubes on 4” centers. The tubes are connected by 1/4” x 2” carbon steel membranes to form a totally water-cooled enclosure, including the front and rear walls. This design avoids the traditional problems that package boilers had with firebrick and refractory maintenance. When operating conditions dictate it, we can increase the membrane thickness, reduce the membrane width or even use higher alloy materials. Rentech uses its own propriety software to predict the membrane temperature and resultant stresses which ultimately dictate the membrane selection.

Membrane walls will be constructed as multiple tube panels maximizing machine welding and eliminating a fin-to-fin weld between tubes. The membrane wall construction is unique because it utilizes a headered construction, which eliminates the need for and the traditional problems associated with gas seals in the corners of the furnace.

Our competition would utilize steel box seals at locations where one furnace wall joins another. These gas seals require the use of refractory or ceramic fiber to protect them from the high temperatures in the furnace. Problems with gas seal failures arise over time as the refractory or ceramic fiber fails – exposing the gas seals to 2,000°F temperatures.

With RENTECH’s headered wall design, the water-cooled header forms the corners. It simply cannot fail by overheating.

August 2012

PHA Expedites Assembly, Shipment of RENTECH Boilers:

The assembly and shipment of massive boilers from RENTECH Boiler Systems to a customer in the Middle East has attracted the attention of the monthly newsletter and the quarterly magazine of the Port of Houston Authority.

The PHA, which owns and operates the public cargo-handling facilities at the Port of Houston, is the nation’s largest port for foreign waterborne tonnage and the nation’s leading break bulk port.

RENTECH, a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial steam boilers, began assembly of the boiler modules at its headquarters plant in Abilene, Texas. The RENTECH boilers will provide all of the steam needs to operate a large refinery being built in the Middle East. The modules, which weigh about 400,000 pounds each, were transported by truck to the Port of Houston. RENTECH was able to finish assembly very near the shipping docks at the PHA Turning Basin General Cargo Terminal to allow shipment of the completed boilers to the customer.

The central location of RENTECH’s main plant continues to benefit its customers. RENTECH has direct access to rail, cross-country trucking routes, and shipping facilities to better serve domestic and international markets. The central location also facilitates access for customers who rely on RENTECH to repair boilers in the field.

August 2012

Cleanest Plant in California:

It’s being called “the cleanest, most efficient natural gas-fueled power plant in California.” Lodi Energy Center, which includes an auxiliary boiler from RENTECH, goes online in September to generate electricity to pump water along the state’s aqueduct, run BART trains, and provide electricity for homes and businesses in the cities of Santa Clara, Healdsburg and Ukiah.   More

July 2012


RENTECH Boiler Systems of Abilene has purchased land and buildings from Dallas-based Peerless Manufacturing that will increase its shop space by 70 percent and create jobs in Abilene. RENTECH, a leader in the boiler design, manufacturing and service industry, is fabricating drums and performing all its piping and lightweight code work at its new location, which is comprised of three bays with a total of 71,000 square feet on 25 acres of land in Abilene.

Peerless Manufacturing, which manufactures filtration systems for the oil and gas industry, said it is moving its Abilene operations to its facility in Denton.

RENTECH is providing jobs for 25 Peerless employees in Abilene and creating another 10 jobs. With the acquisition of the Peerless property, RENTECH expects to return most of the drum work to Abilene that in recent years had been subcontracted in Tulsa, Okla. Since its beginning in 1996, RENTECH custom designs and builds boilers for customers across the U.S. and in international markets by an employee team with more than 4,000 years of combined experience.

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