RENTECH Boiler Systems designs and manufactures its products in a state-of-the-art plant in Abilene, Texas, with an experienced staff of about 350 people. The most recent expansion gives our company about 179,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing space at its 80-acre headquarters.

Depend on RENTECH for complete engineered solutions

Each boiler from RENTECH is custom-designed and built for its unique application to improve reliability, performance and efficiency. Our facilities include (1) a heavy bay with 43,585 square feet of manufacturing space, two 50-ton bridge cranes and other features, (2) a second heavy bay with 53,600 square feet of manufacturing space, a 100-ton bridge crane and other features and (3) a light bay with 41,400 square feet, two 25-ton bridge cranes and other features.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Abilene, Texas
  • 179,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing space in three shops
  • Follow standards and codes of ASME and NBIC
  • 80 acres at RENTECH headquarters in Abilene
  • Sales and engineering offices also in Lincoln, Neb.

National and international product distribution

RENTECH’s central location is another benefit for domestic and international customers.

We have direct access to rail, cross-country truck routes and shipping terminals at the Port of Houston to deliver boilers. And our central location also means better access for customers who rely on RENTECH to repair boilers in the field.

  • Weights up to 600,000 pounds
  • Rail: serviced by Union Pacific
  • Truck: serviced by major trucking companies
  • Ocean freight: via rail or truck to Port of Houston
  • Air: American Airlines, FedEx, UPS

The combination of our facilities, personnel, shipping access and equipment is a winning combination for our customers, who benefit from a total of more than 3,200 years of experience by the members of the RENTECH team in the boiler industry. We are uniquely equipped with the resources to provide boilers for daily operations in a variety of industries, including refining, petro-chemical and power generation.

In recent years, RENTECH has designed, manufactured, shipped and installed boilers for customers on six continents - including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, Australia, Korea, Indonesia, China, Russia, Algeria, Nigeria and the Middle East .

Welding and other principal equipment

Our manufacturing shops are equipped with dozens of welding machines for the processes of shielded metal arc, gas tungsten, gas metal arc, flux cored arc, and submerged arc welding. RENTECH personnel performing welds on our products are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American Welding Society.

Other principal resources at RENTECH are Komatsu forklifts rated up to 56,000 pounds, a 1,000-ton, four-point gantry crane, and a gas-fired, heat-treating furnace of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit that is computer-controlled. Other equipment used in the manufacture of RENTECH boilers includes horizontal and magnetic drills, tube rolling and bending machines, manlift and scissor lifts, heated hydro tank of 30,000 gallons, and tungsten grinders.

Hydraulic Gantry Lift System

  • Our 1,000-ton, 4-point Power Tower comes from Lift Systems, a world leader in hydraulic gantry lift systems for more than 30 years. The boom-style system has many exclusive features that add safety and efficiency as we manufacture each RENTECH boiler.
  • extended height 40 feet, straightest booms in the industry
  • OSHA compliant ladders, large work platforms
  • two 400-gallon diesel power units
  • precise computer-assisted remote lifting control system
Our customers benefit from a total of more than 3,200 years of experience by the members of the RENTECH team in the boiler industry.

Shop C: Boiler Assembly

  • 43,585 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Two 50-ton bridge cranes each with 20-ton auxiliary
  • Two 10-ton bridge cranes
  • One 15-ton jib crane, three 2-ton jib cranes
  • 4,440 square feet of office space

Shop B: Ductwork and Structural Steel

  • 41,400 square feet of manufacturing space
  • One 100-ton bridge crane with 15-ton auxiliary
  • Two 20-ton bridge cranes, one 15-ton bridge crane
  • One 10-ton bridge crane, two 5-ton bridge cranes
  • Twenty 1- and 2-ton jib cranes
  • 10,000 square feet of office space

Shop D: Panel Welding/Drum and Panel Tube Fabrication

  • 53,600 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Two 25-ton bridge crane each with 5-ton auxiliary
  • Two 10-ton bridge cranes
  • 3,775 square feet of office space

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